Sijo Stacey Shook

Sijo Stacey Shook

 Fu Chen Kung Fu was developed by Dr. Stacey Shook. A Golden Gloves Boxer, he also trained in a variety of martial arts while in the Navy, including Judo and Kajukenbo. He also studied kung fu under David Sculley and, for a brief period, under Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong. Fu Chen is a combination of the arts Mr. Shook studied, distinguished by long arm movements, low stances, with an emphasis on self defense. Philosophy and psychological concepts to aid the student in daily life are also an integral part of the art.
Dr. Shook has also developed the B.I.T.S. (Behavioral Intervention Techniques and Strategies) Program. This was developed for persons working with youth to have techniques and strategies to help enable youth that have difficulties fitting in. This includes those that have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and other neurobehavioral disorders. Contact one of our Certified Instructors for more information. 


Sigung Tori Griggs


Si-Gung Griggs started his martial arts study in 1968 with Master Shook. Si-Gung studied with Sigung Penca and was ranked in 1977 and achieved his 5th degree in 1991, Si-Gung Griggs was ranked Sigung, 7th degree, in 1997.  He had an active studio for about 30 years then handed it over to Sifu Coyner. Si-Gung Griggs studied Kung-Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong in the Wudang Mountains of China and is ranked to teach Tai Chi and Qigong. He studied Escrima and knife fighting and is ranked as an instructor for these arts.  He is currently teaching privately and teaching adult men both Kung-Fu and stick and knife fighting.  


Si-Tai-Gung William Penca

 Si-Gung William F. Penca was born in Monteray Park, California on April 19, 1958. 1977 William received his rank of Sifu in the art of Fu Chen Kung Fu from Master Shook and headed to Wisconsin
In 1978 he opened his first studio on Lincoln Street.  He became involved in the North Central Black Belt Federation and was nominated Vice President in 1979 . He later took on the role of President, at the passing of Master William Van Auken in 2008. In February of 1988, Si-Gung opened the current Fu-Chen Kung Fu studio, located on Mason Street in Rhinelander. This studio was home to William's devoted instruction until 2003, when he handed over instruction to Sifu Paul Marquardt. William earned his red sash recognizing his mastery of both physical and teaching abilities in the art of Fu-Chen Kung-Fu. In 1999, he was awarded the rank of Si-Gung and in 2013 he was presented with 7th degree and established as inheritor of the system by Master Stacey Shook.  


Sifi Melissa Coyner

Sifu Melissa Coyner


Sifu Melissa Coyner began studying Fu -Chen under Tori Griggs in 1982. She received her black belt rank in 1992, and Si-Gung Griggs asked her to purchase the studio from him in 2003. Concurrent to her Fu-Chen practice, she has also studied T'ai Chi, Chi Gong, Aikido, yoga and bodywork, as well as attend seminars in other styles. 

Sifu Coyner serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary for the 

Fu-Chen Martial Art Association

"From one thing learn ten thousand"

--I Ching

Sifu Paul Marquardt

Sifu Paul Marquardt


Sifu Paul Marquardt started his training in Fu-Chen Kung-Fu in 1988 under Si-Gung Bill Penca. He received his Rank in 2001 and took over the Rhinelander School in 2003. Sifu Marquardt has attended numerous seminars as well as being a guest Instructor around the state..Sifu Marquardt currently resides in Rhinelander with his wife Karen.

Sifu Marquardt serves on the Board of Directors for the Fu-Chen Martial Art Association as Treasurer. He also serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the North Central Instructors Black Belt Federation.


Sifu Ethan Turpin


Sifu Ethan Turpin teaches Fu Chen in Santa Barbara, California, where he lives and works as a multimedia artist and designer. He studied Fu- Chen for a few years in elementary school under the instruction of then Si-Gung Tori Griggs in Santa Ynez, California, and returned after college to study with Sifu Melissa Coyner. He started teaching in 2007 as Sihie and earned the rank of Sifu in 2017. Sifu Turpin is also experienced in the Chinese internal martial arts of Xing Yi and Tai Chi. Outside the studio, Sifu Turpin enjoys working out in the mountains or at the ocean near his home. 



Sifu Brian Sturtevant


Sifu Brian Sturtevant received early training in Tang Soo Do before enrolling in Rhinelander’s Fu Chen Kung Fu School in 2002 under Sifu Paul Marquardt. He served as a junior instructor for the youth program starting in 2006, and the adult program by 2014. He earned his rank in 2019, and currently serves as instructor in Fu Chen for all age groups, and also teaches general self-defense.  Sifu Sturtevant holds a PhD in Ecology, and lives within his wife Heather and daughter Raven in Rhinelander WI.