"You are what you are in the darkest corner of the darkest room"

"You are what you are in the darkest corner of the darkest room"

"You are what you are in the darkest corner of the darkest room""You are what you are in the darkest corner of the darkest room""You are what you are in the darkest corner of the darkest room"

About Us


Covid 19

  • *UPDATE*  The Rhinelander School will be closed until April 1st. At that time we will evaluate the COVID-19 and adjust accordingly. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.  STAY HEALTHY!
  • Because of the growing Pandemic of Covid-19 (coronavirus). we will be postponing the start of the Children's Spring Semester in Rhinelander until schools start up again in April. We will extend the Spring Semester as needed. Please follow us on Facebook for updates. For Adult classes, please follow these guidelines drafted by Sifu Brian Sturtevant. (Thank-You Sifu)

  • 1. Do not attend class if you have any flu symptoms – even if minor
    2. Wash hands thoroughly at the beginning and at the end of class.
    3. Maintain strict social distance – never close enough to touch
    4. Bow for respect
    5. Cough or sneeze into tissues or your elbow
    6. Avoid touching eyes/nose/mouth
    7. Use hand sanitizer when necessary
    8. Sanitize all equipment used following class 

Stay smart and healthy!

Sifu Paul

About Us

 There is more to martial arts than learning to fight. It is said that martial arts are 90% mental and 10% physical. Through dedicated practice (the meaning of “kung fu”) you gain insight into yourself; you discover your perceived limitations and learn the philosophical & psychological principles to help you deal with life and the conflicts that are a part of it.

It’s not about being aggressive. It’s not about competition. It’s about challenging yourself through forms and valid self-defense techniques, to reveal the art, the self-expression, that is you. By persevering in this safe and controlled environment, the student learns that their world does not fall apart with frustration or failure. The small wins here accrue to build self- esteem. 


For the betterment of the individual’s body, mind, and spirit: to build the body through strength and flexibility; the mind through focus, confidence and self-control; and the spirit through the development of ethical character, personal integrity, and a sense of higher self. Using the tools of our martial art to gain a greater understanding of our fellowman and ourselves. Always in hopes of discovering whom we really are in the darkest corner of the darkest room and then passing on what we learned on our journey to others.


Mission Statement


We the Masters and teaching Sifus of Fu-Chen shall work together to uphold the highest standards of Warriorship through this art.

The purpose of our consolidation is to maintain the freedom and eclectic quality of our art, but yet provide sufficient structure to grow from. Our intention in stating this is to ensure that future generations will understand our mind set as we create teaching and testing guidelines.

To respect the guidance and wisdom of warriors further along the way, when possible, we shall change when collectively we feel change is needed, and never lose sight of the individual – and what he or she means to the longevity of Fu-Chen

These standards are to provide current and more importantly all future Sifus a guideline so that Fu-Chen remains traditional and yet current as it moves into the future.